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Enjoy these benefits, completely free:

  • Easily track all repair and maintenance work performed on your vehicle.
  • Quickly obtain all service records, invoices and documentation.
  • Get service reminders via e-mail, based on your driving habits.
  • Choose text messaging for the fastest news and alerts.
  • Schedule all service appointments online in advance.
  • Read input on your vehicle from other owners of the same make.
  • Receive notification of any recent manufacturer recalls.

The AutoVitals Service Program is designed with the long-term health of your vehicle in mind.  By utilizing these numerous benefits, you’ll stay on top of your vehicle’s condition and needs, clearly monitoring all past work while forecasting priorities ahead.

When it comes to the need for auto repair work, AutoVitals allows us to send inspection results directly to your smartphone or computer. You will see images of our findings, along with videos to educate you on the severity of the issue and why these particular repairs are necessary.

We will also measure your results and photos against the inspection from your last visit. This comparison over time highlights the issue’s progression, how much worse it may have become, and the amount of time remaining to do the repair work before further matters arise.

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