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When should I replace my Cabin Filter?

When should I replace my cabin filter?

I often hear the question “When should I replace my Cabin Filter” . There are a couple of different answers to this question. The owner’s manual, for your particular vehicle, will list a specific replacement interval based on time and/or mileage established by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If you went strictly by the manual you might replace a filter prematurely.

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Oil Changes Augusta, Maine

It is a well-known fact that engine oil is the life’s blood of your automobile and to keep your vehicle running at its best the engine oil and filter need to be serviced at regular intervals by a well-trained automotive mechanic. That is why when people think of oil changes in Augusta, Me; they think of Al’s Certified Auto Repair. The technicians at Al’s Certified Auto Repair are AAA approved and ASE certified and fully understand the importance of regular oil changes in the maintenance of your vehicle.

How often should I change my oil?
This is a great question that deserves a great answer; however, the great answer comes with a little work on your part. First answer the question of normal or severe driving conditions. Then Synthetic, Conventional or a synthetic blend oil. Finally what type of filter am I going to use…Cheap or top quality? Now the intervals will fall into the following categories:

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Coolant Flush

Our Winters may not be this tough?

Don't let your car overheat this winter!

Remove all the gunk and replace with new coolant

So you can make it to your destination

It is the time of year when our attention turns to Holiday travel and the impending cold weather of winter. One of the items often overlooked on our vehicles is the coolant. Coolant (antifreeze) is normally a mixture of water and glycol, that when mixed in the correct ratio prevents water from freezing to temperatures of -45 degrees or colder. There are also additives in the coolant that prevent corrosion and lubricates seals inside the engine. Over time this coolant mixture breaks down and needs to be replaced/flushed.

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