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When should I replace my cabin filter?

I often hear the question “When should I replace my Cabin Filter” . There are a couple of different answers to this question. The owner’s manual, for your particular vehicle, will list a specific replacement interval based on time and/or mileage established by the manufacturer of your vehicle. If you went strictly by the manual you might replace a filter prematurely.

The next answer might be when it begins to smell, I don’t recommend this as you can cause damage to the heater blower motor due to restricted air flow.  You can also introduce bacteria, mold and other contaminants into the ductwork of your vehicle’s ventilation system.

In our shop the guidelines for replacement are replace the filter every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, or when the filter is starting to get dirty. This seems to make the most sense to most of our customers and maintains a nice clean ventilation system and really helps those with breathing allergies


What does the cabin filter do?:

The Cabin filter helps keep pollen, leaves and other debris from entering into the ventilation system of the vehicle and therefore into the area you occupy. If you have allergies a good high quality cabin filter may help you immensely. It also keeps dust and pollen from covering everything in your vehicle.


What kind of Cabin Filter should I use?

The name brand of the filter you use is less important than the quality of the cabin filter construction. Cabin filters usually come in one of three different types.


The Economy Filter:

The economy filter is usually made out of inferior materials. Paper filter elements that are very porous, thin and contain very few pleats to catch the debris.


The Better Filter:

The better filters usually use a better filter medium (paper, cloth), it is usually thicker, contains more pleats and in many cases will have a mesh backing to help resist tearing. These filters tend to last longer as there is more surface area to catch the debris.


The best filters:

The best filters contain all of the qualities of the better filter plus contain activated charcoal. This charcoal can help with obnoxious odors,,, remember that skunk you passed the other day? PEEeeeeuuuu!


How much does a Cabin Filter Cost?:

I am asked, almost on a daily basis “ How much does a Cabin Filter cost?” As with most items we purchase; it depends on the quality of the filter you select to use. The economy filters can usually be installed for between $45.00- $90.00. The better filters are usually between $$55.00-$110.00 and the Best filters can go for $85.00-135.00 installed. So your price depends on what you want out of your filter. When it comes to filters you really do get what you pay for.